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Educational Therapy

Not tutoring but something more.


Educational Therapy is a form of therapy targeted for those with learning differences, disabilities and challenges with learning. Educational therapy is not the same as tutoring. Tutoring focuses purely on the academic side of learning whereas educational therapy uses a broader approach and is for those who experience differences with their learning.

Educational therapists aim to build your child's academic skills and self-confidence teaching kids skills and strategies to help them manage their learning or thinking differences and improve schoolwork. Educational therapists figure out what the block to learning is and look at a wide range of behaviours your child may have developed to hide or express their difficulties.

Not all children come to the clinic with a formal diagnosis, and one is not needed to commence therapy. In fact, for a child to receive a formal diagnosis they must have at least six (6) months of intervention targeted at the difficulty before a diagnosis is made. Educational therapists place a focus on the child as a whole and consider other factors that could be impacting their learning. 

Educational therapists understand the importance of a positive relationship and building trust. Many children who come to the clinic have low self-esteem and have often built negative thoughts around learning. It is important to understand the child, their personality and build trust and a connection with the child. 

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